About Us

At SOLYPSIS PRIVATE LIMITED , our priority is to provide with a tailored solution to your business. solypsis has start progressive centre experience with presence in India. With our wide variety of problem solution products, we insure our tool will work for you. Most importantly, we deliver at a price that will fit your budget. We generate results-oriented and identify the real needs of customers.

  • To carry on the business of software designing, development, customisation, implementation, maintenance, testing and benchmarking, designing, developing and dealing in computer software and solutions, and to import, export, sell, purchase, distribute, host (in data centers or over the web) or otherwise deal in own- and third-party computer software packages, programs and equipment, providing solutions/ Packages/services through applications services provider mode via internet or otherwise and to offer training, consultancy, advisory and all related services in all areas of information technology.
  • We are a specialist to develop a affordable business solutions that enable small to large businesses to establish visibility, increase sales, and improve productivity.
  • Our aim is to help companies and organisations improve customer satisfaction and associated metrics by delivering relevant, meaningful and cost-effective benefits to our clients.